“Unveiling the Imminent Dawn: Microsoft Configuration Manager Faces Its End of Life Revolution”

# Microsoft Configuration Manager: Ensure Your Software Stays Up-to-Date

## Microsoft Configuration Manager Life Cycle

Microsoft Configuration Manager, formerly known as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or SCCM, releases updated versions multiple times a year. Each version is supported for 18 months, during which it receives technical support, security updates, and critical updates. Once a new version is released, older versions only receive security updates for the remainder of their lifecycle. It’s crucial to keep your Configuration Manager environment updated to ensure the safety and efficiency of your network. Microsoft does not offer extended paid support once a version of SCCM reaches its end of life.

### Version Details

Here is an overview of the availability and support end dates for recent versions of Microsoft Configuration Manager:

– 2403 (5.00.9128): Available from April 22, 2024, to October 22, 2025
– 2309 (5.00.9122): Available from October 9, 2023, to April 9, 2025
– 2303 (5.00.9106): Available from April 10, 2023, to October 10, 2024
– 2211 (5.00.9096): Available from December 5, 2022, to June 5, 2024
– 2207 (5.00.9088): Available from August 12, 2022, to February 12, 2024
– 2203 (5.00.9078): Available from April 8, 2022, to October 8, 2023
– 2111 (5.00.9068): Available from December 1, 2021, to June 1, 2023
– 2107 (5.00.9058): Available from August 2, 2021, to February 2, 2023
– 2103 (5.00.9049): Available from April 5, 2021, to October 5, 2022
– 2010 (5.00.9040): Available from November 30, 2020, to May 30, 2022

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## Microsoft Configuration Manager Version 2211 End of Life

The end of support for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2211 is set for June 5, 2024. To continue receiving support and updates, it is crucial to update installations to version 2303 or higher. Version 2303 brings various new features, including rebranding to reflect integration with Intune, Cloud Sync improvements, Endpoint Security Reports in Intune Admin Center, SQL Server 2022 support, and Unified Update Platform (UUP) GA Release for streamlined updates.

### Audit Report

Don’t forget to run an SCCM End of Life Audit Report to ensure all your assets are up to date and protected from potential security risks.

## Microsoft Configuration Manager Version 2207 End of Life

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2207 will reach its end of support on February 12, 2024. It is recommended to update installations to version 2211 or higher to continue receiving support. Version 2211 introduces distribution point content migration, Cloud Sync feature improvements, Network Access Account usage alerts, Featured Apps in Software Center, and enhancements in the console search experience.

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## Microsoft Configuration Manager Version 2111 End of Life

Version 2111 of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager will go end of life on June 1, 2023. Updating installations to version 2203 or higher is necessary to maintain full support. Version 2203 offers features such as cloud-based software update points, visualization of content distribution status, Power BI Report Server integration improvements, management insights enhancements, Deployment Status client notification actions, LEDBAT support for software update points, and console and user experience improvements.

## Microsoft Configuration Manager Version 2107 End of Life

The end of support for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2107 is set for February 2, 2023. Ensure to update to version 2111 or higher to stay fully supported. Version 2111 brings improvements to application groups, approvals for orchestration group scripts, simplified cloud attach configuration, Cloud Management Gateway enhancements, VPN boundary types improvements, client health dashboard enhancements, Windows servicing dashboard improvements, and custom properties for devices in the console.

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