“Unveiling Lansweeper’s Cutting-Edge 2024 Summer Launch: The Ultimate Security Solution Upgrade!”

# Lansweeper Unveils Exciting Updates in Its 2024 Summer Launch

## Introduction
As summer arrives, Lansweeper brings the heat with its latest release – the Lansweeper 2024 Summer Launch. This release is packed with a plethora of updates, improvements, and enhancements that promise to provide users with deeper insights and a more comprehensive understanding of their IT environment. Let’s delve into the key features of this exciting launch.

## Deeper, Broader, Faster, Better Discovery

### A Solid New Base for Network Discovery
Network Discovery serves as the backbone of Lansweeper, and with each launch, the aim is to enhance discovery capabilities. The introduction of a new network discovery technology from scratch promises unparalleled asset visibility. The new scanning engine ensures easier setup and maintenance, without the need for credentials initially. It efficiently detects all connected IT and OT assets without requiring credentials or agents. Moreover, this technology is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS and automatically updates across all platforms. The use of encrypted vaults to store credentials adds an extra layer of security to the process.

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### The Next Level of Public Cloud Discovery
Building upon the Beta feature introduced in the Fall of 2023, the Public Cloud Inventory feature has undergone significant improvements. The enhanced Cloud Discovery feature allows users to scan multiple environments simultaneously and import cloud tags from major providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Customized views for cloud assets offer seamless integration with cloud providers, enhancing multi-cloud management efficiency.

## Minimize Exposure With Prioritized and Automated Vulnerability Management

### The Asset-Centric Approach to Risk Insights
Lansweeper’s Risk Insights now offers an asset-centric view of vulnerabilities affecting the network. By prioritizing issues based on affected assets and categorizing products, users can streamline vulnerability management, reduce response time, and facilitate efficient remediation. Access to exploitability and patch information, sourced from VulnCheck and VulDB, further bolsters risk mitigation efforts.

### Integrations to Automate and Optimize Vulnerability Management
New integrations, such as Automox and ThreatAware, aim to automate and optimize vulnerability and patch management processes. Automox seamlessly integrates with Lansweeper to streamline the discovery, management, and optimization of technology assets. ThreatAware provides real-time visibility and monitoring of digital assets and cybersecurity tools, enhancing overall security posture. These integrations offer users comprehensive solutions for vulnerability management and threat detection.

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## Optimizing Core Features

### Take Charge of Your OT Asset Data
To bridge the gap between OT and IT management, Lansweeper has introduced enhancements to OT management. Users can now manually create or delete OT assets, customize asset states, and perform bulk actions. Lifecycle information for OT assets, API accessibility for OT data, and improved maintenance and compliance features contribute to a more integrated OT management system.

### Streamlining Your Software Decisions
Continuous enhancements to software data normalization ensure consistent naming conventions and compliance with standards like UNSPSC. This improvement guarantees reliable and streamlined software data, facilitating informed decision-making processes. Additionally, user visibility features track asset ownership and user details, enhancing security and compliance measures. Improved diagram generation and better legibility offer strategic planning support, while the synchronization of custom fields from on-prem to Lansweeper Site improves report inclusivity and integration capabilities.

In conclusion, Lansweeper’s 2024 Summer Launch promises a myriad of updates and features to enhance IT asset management and security. With its focus on deeper discovery, streamlined vulnerability management, and optimized core features, users can expect a comprehensive and efficient IT management experience.

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