“Tackling Public Cloud Inventory Management with Lansweeper: A Comprehensive Guide”

# Introducing Lansweeper’s 2024 Summer Launch

Are you struggling to maintain a comprehensive catalog of all resources, services, and assets deployed within your public cloud environment? Fear not, as Lansweeper has just unveiled its 2024 Summer Launch, aimed at simplifying cloud discovery and management.

## Manage Your Cloud Discovery with Lansweeper

In the realm of IT security, a public cloud inventory plays a crucial role in providing visibility, control, and optimization of all your cloud resources. From virtual machines to databases, networking components, and various cloud services, Lansweeper’s inventory is the key to enhancing security, compliance, and managing IT spend efficiently.

### Key Components of a Public Cloud Asset Inventory

When it comes to your public cloud asset inventory, there are several key components that you should consider:

1. **Details about active and inactive virtual machines:** Dive into specifications, operating systems, and usage statistics to better manage your VMs.

2. **Information about cloud storage resources:** From object storage to block storage and file storage, ensure you have a comprehensive view of your storage solutions.

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3. **Inventory of managed database services:** Keep track of NoSQL databases, data warehouses, and other database services for seamless management.

4. **Details about virtual networks and security components:** Understand your network setup, including firewalls, load balancers, and VPNs, to bolster your security posture.

5. **Information on various cloud services:** Stay informed about serverless functions, container services, AI/ML services, and more to optimize your cloud environment.

6. **Documentation of security configurations and compliance policies:** Ensure that your security measures and compliance policies are well-documented for audits and governance purposes.

7. **Resource usage and cost monitoring:** Keep an eye on your costs, usage statistics, and budget management to optimize spending effectively.

8. **Cloud-based application services:** Monitor APIs, microservices, and other application services deployed within your public cloud for streamlined operations.

## Key Concepts of Public Cloud Inventory

A public cloud inventory is not just about initial setup; it’s an ongoing process that involves asset discovery, monitoring, and analysis. By leveraging effective asset discovery tools, organizations can gain a detailed inventory of all their resources, ensuring comprehensive visibility and governance. Remember, continual monitoring and analysis are essential for optimizing resource utilization and maintaining high performance and security standards.

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### Best Practices for Retention of Public Cloud Inventory Data

Establishing clear retention policies and leveraging automated backup solutions are key to preserving historical records and ensuring data governance. Keep a watchful eye on data lifecycle management to maintain storage efficiency and compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPPA. By managing historical inventory records effectively, organizations can enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

### Choosing the Right Public Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

When selecting a cloud-based inventory management solution, look for features that offer comprehensive visibility, scalability, data security measures, integration capabilities, and ease of implementation. Lansweeper shines in this regard, with its automated discovery capabilities, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface making it a top choice for cloud asset inventory and management.

Are you ready to transform your cloud management experience? Dive into Lansweeper’s solution today and unlock the power of efficient cloud asset inventory management. Take advantage of a 14-day free trial and witness the difference Lansweeper can make in optimizing your cloud environment.

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