GuardZoo Malware: A Threat to Over 450 Middle Eastern Military Members

New Surveillanceware Targets Military Personnel in the Middle East: The Emergence of GuardZoo

In a concerning development, military personnel in Middle Eastern countries have found themselves in the crosshairs of a meticulous surveillance operation. This advanced campaign employs an insidious Android data-gathering tool known as GuardZoo. Reports indicate that the malicious activity likely began back in October 2019, spearheaded by a Houthi-aligned threat actor.

Unmasking the Campaign: Who’s Behind It?

The attribution of this aggressive campaign to Houthi-aligned actors is based on several telling factors. These include the nature of the application lures used, the command-and-control (C2) server logs that have been analyzed, the specific targeting footprint, and the overall attack patterns observed. Together, these elements paint a clear picture of a sophisticated and calculated effort to infiltrate and gather sensitive information from Middle Eastern military personnel.

The Threat: Exploiting Android Vulnerabilities

GuardZoo, the Android data-gathering application at the center of this campaign, is designed to covertly infiltrate Android devices and exfiltrate a wealth of personal and operational data. Once installed, it can silently collect information ranging from contact lists and messages to GPS coordinates, posing a severe risk to military operations and personnel confidentiality.

Indicators of Compromise (IoC)

Security experts have highlighted several indicators of compromise associated with the GuardZoo campaign:

  • Suspicious application downloads originating from dubious links and emails.
  • Unusual device behavior, including unexpected battery drain and data usage spikes.
  • Increased background activity that could denote data exfiltration processes.

Defensive Measures and Recommendations

Given the sophisticated nature of this surveillance campaign, it is crucial for military personnel and associated entities to bolster their security posture:

  • Keep Android devices updated with the latest security patches to mitigate vulnerabilities that could be exploited by GuardZoo.
  • Install applications exclusively from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store, while scrutinizing app permissions carefully.
  • Employ robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to monitor and control device activities effectively.
đź’ˇ Hint: Always be cautious of unsolicited links and emails. When in doubt, consult your IT security team before proceeding.


The emergence of the GuardZoo surveillanceware serves as a stark reminder of the ever-growing threats faced by military personnel and organizations globally. By staying vigilant and implementing comprehensive security measures, it is possible to mitigate such risks and protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

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